"I want to help you escape
daily fire-fighting and status meetings, to get back to the meaningful work you love to do."

– Ariel Simpson

Ariel Simpson loves to combine the worlds of business and psychology to give leaders a wider variety of tools. She can equip you to breathe new life into stale processes, help uplift frustrated employees, and bring focus to unclear goals and strategies.


With eight years of experience in the business world and a master’s degree in clinical psychology, Ariel has a proven track record of helping executives increase their business efficiencies and their emotional intelligence.

When she’s not being a tireless professional, she loves reading fantasy novels and professional development books, watching old movies, and listening to Stevie Nicks.

Ariel also serves as an exhausted butler for her over-indulged poodle, Jujubee, and she makes time to be fairly smitten with her superhero social worker husband, Joseph Luedecke (check out his work with the San Antonio chapter of the Housing First Community Coalition).