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So many ways to make your work life better

So many ways to make your work life better

Strategies to Grow Leaders, Employees, and Businesses

Mix and match services to fit your needs

Individual Coaching Sessions

Do you ever wish there was someone else to help you strategize for your team, problem-solve obstacles, or make time for important work?

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions allow you to partner with a professional who brings a fresh perspective and a toolbelt full of solutions.

Each session will focus on your goals. What’s most important to you? What do you hope your team will achieve in the next year? What will your own growth look like? We will work together to ensure that you’re moving forward in those areas and that obstacles to your progress are getting removed. You don’t have to spin your wheels alone!

Customized Workshops

Are you struggling to get your team in the right mindset? Trying to get people on-board with new changes or trying to increase communication and feedback amongst your team members? Instead of bringing it up at your weekly staff meeting, try providing a custom workshop.

If you can gather your team together for a half or full day, we can prepare new information and training while also soliciting feedback from them. What have their experiences been in this area? What do they think could make us successful? By combining education with professionally-facilitated and collected feedback you can better understand the obstacles to your changes and inspire a more cohesive team.

Personalized Growth Plans

Many of us long to make a bigger, more rewarding impact with our work, but we’re not sure how to start. By setting up some sessions with a coach, you can leverage our proprietary seven-point model to spend time planning for your goals and skills, the future you envision for your team or business, and the specific tools you want to leverage to make progress.

A Personalized Growth Plan requires up-front discussions to create a map of seven areas of your business life, including business/team culture, brand identity, and your leadership approach. After spending time reflecting on these areas, we’ll create an actionable plan for you to pursue, either on your own or with our coaching partners, to enhance your impact as a leader.

Process Improvement Plans

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day minutia that we can’t see the bigger picture. Let’s partner and take a step back to look at the different value streams in your business.

Do you run a coffee shop? What is the process like to order your coffee beans, wait for your distributor to ship, wait for delivery, and receive delivery? Where is waste happening? How can we reduce that waste?

Every company has bottlenecks that drain your money, time, and energy. We can work together to visualize these processes and plan for increased productivity.

Start the Conversation

When you want to grow, it can be hard to know where to begin.

I’m here to help you find your direction. Send me a message to arrange a free, 30-minute consultation. No commitments, no pressure.