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Within the first full year working together, projects I manage are achieving maximum results in half the time. Within the first session, Ariel identified basic changes to be made to move to a more agile approach in managing projects. Use her!
Kathy J.
Ariel is a great coach! She is kind, patient, and really listened to my needs, then helped me find the tools and skills that I already possessed to achieve the result I wanted.
Bradi S.

Combining psychological insight with resilient processes

I use my experience in clinical psychology, corporate strategy, and Agile software development to add more tools to your leadership toolkit.

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August 2, 2021
3 Keys to Being a Customer-Centric Leader
[Originally published May 2021 at] When creating a new product or service or even an entire business, it’s common to make profit your goal. How can you stay in business without making money? But focusing on profit is likely to take you down a toxic path full of cost-cutting, unwanted products, and burnt out...
April 27, 2021
The Best Bike Frame Maker in the Land
[Originally published February 2021 at] I vividly recall my first Agility coach preaching to me, “Don’t get five projects halfway done; get one project completely done.” “But that’s less than half the productivity!” I sputtered.  “Yeah. Except that five half-way done projects deliver zero value to my customer.”  This concept made no sense to...
April 27, 2021
Mr. Miyagi vs. Professor Xavier: Which leader are you?
[Originally published December 2019 at] Lately I seem to be hearing the same question from everyone I meet: how much expertise does a leader need? Just in the past month I’ve heard the question from my boss, from my mentor, from the book I’m reading (Linchpin by Seth Godin), and from online posts I...